University of Gothenburg

When I had investigated the police helmet and our news story I gathered six objects. One of those was a plant to symbolize the fact that time change and because of that the helmet is no longer a part of the police uniform. Another one was a clutch with brass knuckles as the handle which I saw as a metaphor for that products can be both beautiful and dangerous. Other objects were more literal interpretations of the helmet’s material and shape.


The thing that inspired me the most and what I chose to work further with was the big ornament placed on the helmet’s front. It got me thinking about different kinds of ornaments. Crochet for example is a craft with an ornamented expression but it is not seen as powerful as metallic ones. Therefore, I decided to visualize how the police helmet could look if it was made of crochet. How does the crochet change the helmet’s appearance? For example, does the crochet make the helmet appear more fragile looking? Or maybe as if were made for a ball? Does it become a feminine helmet just because of the crochet? It is open for interpretations.


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