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  • Saturday27/1014:00-16:00

Colour Catapult

27 OKTOBER, 14-16
HDK room 301

Participate on a drop-in basis, all materials provided!

KONSTELLATION invites you to test the Colour Catapult – an experimental fabric printing technique! Launch coloured inks at tote bags to create unique designs instilled with energy!
The Colour Catapult has been built together with young people attending Konstellation’s Streetwear Series – a creative workshop programme with a focus upon clothing and accessory design – based in Hammarkullen, Gothenburg.
Konstellation is an ongoing collaboration between artist Rachel Barron and designer Nathan Clydesdale – alumni of Valand Academy and HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts respectively. This project – which will culminate in a ‘fashion show’ and exhibition in 2019 – is part of a continued partnership with Hammarkullen Konsthall.
On Instagram: @konstellationgbg


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