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Corridors and Benches

hosts Institutions as/and Interfaces

HDK Entrance Corridor
Language: English

Corridors and Benches is a conversational format situated on a wooden bench within the semi-public entrance space of HDK. The conversation begins with the title Institutions as/and Interfaces as a departure point that allows for an informal, unscripted conversation to take place between invited speakers, the audience and who ever happens to be walking past.

Rosario Hurtado is the Co-Head of Department MA Space & Communication, HEAD – Genève and co-founder of the internationally recognized design studio El Último Grito

Tamar Shafrir is the Co-head of Design Curating & Writing, Design Academy Eindhoven and co-founder of the design research studio Space Caviar.

Onkar Kular is Professor of Design at HDK, Gothenburg University


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