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  • Monday22/1013:00-15:00

Design and Posthumanism

HDK Baulan

In this panel we will discuss how we engage with posthumanism in design practice, education and research. We are an emerging network of designers and scholars from institutions in Sweden who want to nourish our curiosity and belief regarding the need for designers to pay better attention to non-human earthlings like other animals, plants, and everything in-between and beyond. We invite you to explore how design practice, education and research can grow and thrive in contact with posthumanism – and how designerly and artistic skills, methods and approaches can nourish posthumanism.

Participants: Åsa Ståhl and Mathilda Tham (Linnaeus University), Kristina Lindström (Malmö University), Martin Avila and Erik Sandelin (Konstfack, Stockholm), Tom Cubbin and Thomas Laurien (HDK). Co-moderated by Åsa Ståhl and Thomas Laurien. 

Intro film by Milena Faé Velho and Philippa Stenmarker.


Image: “Settling down”, by Stenmarker, Turinsky & Faé Velho, 2018

Photo: Milena Faé Velho


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