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  • Saturday27/1011:00-16:00

Make Your Own Passport

27 OKTOBER, 11-16

Drop in workshop between 11.00 and 16.00. To make a passport takes about 30 minutes.

Tintin Wulia’s Make Your Own Passport (2014) is an installation and workshop-performance where people are invited to make their personal passport while at the same time becoming part of conversations (e.g. on citizenship by luck) and a visual spectacle that will attract more participants.

The workshop-performance attracts participants with a colourful installation displaying templates of passports from 144 countries around the world. The workshop starts with a lucky dip that determines the participant’s country at random. Conversations about the different countries, different cultures, the world and people from different backgrounds are usually stimulated at this stage. There will be several participants that will get a “stateless” status as a result of the lucky dip. Conversations about statelessness and citizenship are usually stimulated when this happens.

Once the participants who are not stateless manage to find his/her passport in the installation, the facilitators will then guide participants through a bookbinding process to personalise their passports. When a passport is completed, the participants can take it home.

The stateless participants, on the other hand, are requested to sit down together with the rest of the participants who are making their passports. These stateless participants will not get to make their own passports, will be introduced to others as stateless, and will get a story about a stateless person from the facilitators. The storytelling is done on the same table as the rest of the participants so that conversations on the topic can be stimulated.


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