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  • Wednesday24/1015:00-20:00
  • Thursday25/1015:00-20:00
  • Friday26/1015:00-20:00
  • Saturday27/1012:00-16:00

MAOW: Scripted

The MAOW exhibition host a daily public programme that offers different routes and contact surfaces where visitors through guided tours, workshops and talks can experience the exhibition and the projects on display, in their own time or accompanied by one of the students. 


Guided tours of the exhibition.


From 15.00 and onwards. Gathenhielmska huset

Meditative mural performance by Linnea And-Ast, Gathenhielmska huset  

18.00 + 20.00. Oceanen

Clara Flygare: Fashion show/Performance. Models: Vivan, Irma, Elsy, Gunilla & Gunnel


16.00-17.00. HDK room 338

Anais Février, workshop. Mundus: Let’s talk about tolerance, respect and comprehension with a workshop using writing systems to introduce the importance of knowing and understanding others culture. This will be a playful time with stamps, to discover and experience writing systems.

15.30-17.30. Gathenhielmska huset

Mapping Trees, a workshop by Tina Lehnhard. Around 2 Hours / 5 – 6 Participants. 

A sensorial mapping workshop that explores in an intimate atmosphere ways to understand trees, their relationship to humans and how to get closer to them. By allowing poetry, sensorial and intuitive approaches, it aims to contributes to another form of valuing the trees that are surrounding us. The workshop will take part outdoors. Please RSVP by 23rd October to [email protected]  

17.30-18.3o. Gathenhielmska huset

Naeeme Ghafoori Seydani, artist talk about her project “Coral Codes”


17.00-18.00. Gathenhielmska huset

Kitty Hemkemeier, artist talk about her project “The fatal future of copying”

18.00-19.00. Gathenhielmska huset

Luca Mariotti, artist talk about the project “No wood forest product” as boundary object. Description: Design interaction, research and practice in the socio-economic-environmental context of the craft production in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

MAOW: Scripted

MAOW-utställningen bjuder in till ett dagligt program där besökare genom guidade turer, workshops och samtal kan ta del av utställningen och examensprojekten, på egen hand eller i sällskap av en av studenterna.

Se programmet ovan.

Linnéa And-Ast
Projekt av Clara Flygare, fotograf Camilla Fredin
Tina Lehnhardt, Mapping trees
Tina Lehnhardt, Mapping trees
Coral Codes, Naeeme Ghafoori Seydani
Kristina Hemkemeier, The fatal future of copying
Luca Mariotti
Anaïs Fevrier


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