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  • Wednesday24/1018:00-22:00

Open Studio: DEAR (ft Kiosken)

During Gothenburg Design Festival 2018 a new initiative called DEAR invites you to an evening with talks, food and conversations about self-organising within design and architecture – something we feel is missing and desperately needed in these fields. Our goal is to have a good time, create a sense of community and float our idea of DEAR.

☞ Talks by Kristoffer Svenberg, Omforma and Lars Fridén
✎ Exhibition by Kiosken studio
❤ Mingel
♨ Food
☾ Bar

That’s a start, We guess!

⤵ ⤵ ⤵ ⤵ ⤵


For some time now, we have felt like we haven’t found our place quite yet. Sure, framing our projects in the art context has yielded some solid results, but somehow it still feels like an obscure attempt of »sneaking in« and dressing up our work. Don’t get me wrong: tapping into spaces catering to artistic practises has been nice. Obviously, there are overlaps and shared interests, but there remains a notion of not quite fitting in. Us gradually retreating into the art field can’t the only option…

Wouldn’t it be nice to also have a space primarily intended for US? Like … some self-organised platform for designers, architects and craftspeople. An opportunity to meet, explore and create in a personal and collaborative setting. Maybe I’m not making any sense. Do you want to meet to discuss this further?

How about Wednesday the 24th at Kiosken?
Would love to see you there.


⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴ ⤴

DEAR is to be a hybrid between a collective connecting critical and social-political thinkers within design+architecture
and a physical/digital project space that enables them.

DEAR is nomadic and decentralised
It doesn’t occupy a space of its own but claims various spaces where and when needed.

… aims to provide a collective test-site for ideas.

A platform for experimentation and self-organising.

… wants to be a place where practitioners and theorists interested in critical discourse – amateurs, students and professionals – get to meet, linger, explore, create and discuss.

Dear is interested
– in exploring alternative ways to collaborate.
– the relation between public and private // public forums and private practise
– publishing; putting ideas and putting oneself out there

… is not particularly interested in prestige.

Dear is not a start hub / coaching / a business endeavour / academia / an institution

works on establishing an alternative infrastructure which builds on
— multilateralism
— discourse and reflection
— creating knowledge and ideas through socialising
— self-organising
— practising in space before and with others
— matching & sharing resources
— honest, transparent documentation and easy to access archives
— connecting like-minded people

Dear relies on catalysts/activators.

dear asks
»what could we be?«
»how could we be?«

Dear thinks: Simply getting started is a success!


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