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  • Saturday27/1012:00-15:00

Open studio: Konstepidemin

27 OKTOBER, 12-15

Konstepidemin is a non-profit, artist-run cultural center in Gothenburg with studios and exhibition and performance spaces. Epidemic Saturday 27 October with exhibitions, open studios, work- shop for families.

Special program for Open week and Gothenburg Design Festival:

Exhibition Blå Huset: Ceramist Karin Östberg, in presence of the artist
Open Studio: Anna Larsson Grafic Design
Open Studio: Bibbi Forsman Ceramic
Open Studio: Sverker Eklund Artist, sculptor wood
Work-shop: Allas Ateljé with design theme

More info:

> Konstepidemin

> Bibbi Forsman

> Anna Larsson

> Karin Östberg

> Sverker Ekelund


Photo top: Trudelutt, Karin Östberg

MTRPLS XV, Roland Borén
Anna Larsson
Bibbi Forsman
Sverker Eklund, Flickor - träskulpturer


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