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Opening Up! Linnarhult

New Date!

Långavallsgatan 11 in Gunnilse (behind LP Entreprenad AB)

By tram: No 9 to Hammarkullen and walk from there

By bus: Blå Express Gråbo, departure from Heden. Busstop Linnarhultsvägen


The event starts with a guided tour at Linnarhult by representatives for Eco Agro-Forestry re-creation Center (EAC). After a hands-on conversation and FIKA together we co-create ideas about the near and future Linnarhult facilitated by HDK students. The aim is to explore visible and hidden potentials and the even ends with a tree planting session to manifest the emerging co-operation between HDK and Linnarhult!

This two-day event takes place at both HDK (23/1o) and Linnarhult, and stand for the Opening Up of the discipline of design towards relationships and interactions with society through an on-going project with Eco Agroforestry Re-creation Center. It also stands for the Opening Up of HDK for a new audience which may not yet taken design into major considerations yet.

EAC is a civic organization based in Linnarhult close to Angered/Bergsjön. It has also close connections to East Africa, where many of our members have their cultural roots. Our vision is to bring our joint forces together and create cultural bridges. A core activity is to establish a buzzing meeting place and (re-)creation area in Linnarhult where we grow and make things together with a diversity of actors. The method we use is Agroforestry, a farming technique well-known in the East African countries, which has also triggered a growing interest in Sweden.

Foto Helena Hansson
Foto Helena Hansson


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