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Publishing as artistic practice

HDK  Café

A presentation by artists Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini, founders of Nevven Gallery, about the project Publishing as artistic practice and their ongoing collaboration with photographer Jason Vaughn, Mattias Gunnarsson and students at HDK. 

Nevven is an intersectional Contemporary art venture which integrates an art gallery and a public project while trying to advance the concept of both. The gallery represents and collaborates with a broad range of emerging and mid-career artists from Sweden and abroad and actively interacts with several Swedish public institutions.

> Nevven Gallery

> Driftless, a solo exhibition by Jason Vaughn


Photos: From top to bottom: Portrait of Jason Vaughn, picture by Jason Vaughn, limited edition of 30 wooden boxes containing “Hide” a book by Jason Vaughn published by TBW Books, a spread from “Ara Bird I” a homemade fanzine by Jason Vaughn.

Image credit: Courtesy of Jason Vaughn


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