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Stipendiater Eric Ericsons stiftelse

HDK trapphuset

Jonas Olsson (Tillämpad konst och formgivning, Metallgestaltning) och Robert Curran (Master Tillämpad konst och formgivning, Möbeldesign inriktning trä) har tilldelats stipendium om 100.000 kr från Eric Ericsons stiftelse. Båda examinerades i våras från masterutbildningen Tillämpad konst och formgivning på HDK vid Steneby.


Jonas Olsson, IC12-S-001, 2018

In this work I explore the classic ancient column, through my skill as a welder and metal artist. The use of columns in a building is a sign of power, wealth and knowledge. In this exploration I do not want to copy them directly, but rather use the same kind of language as they do, and incorporate some of the important elements of the classical column.
The way I have chosen to present this work is in a typical model kit sprue. In doing so, this is referring both to the fact that it is an interpretation of a scale model and the value we put on things we build ourselves.


Robert Curran, Outside Material, The Transfiguration of Lines, 2018

The theme of this work relates to organic growth and form and explores the significance of making with our hands, from gaining deeper knowledge of the material, to the value of craft in design. It is informed by D’Arcy Thompson’s On Growth and Form, Arthur Wesley Dow’s Composition and Lafcadio Hearn’s work on perceptive dichotomies.  These texts were critical in my approach and helped drive the thinking behind my work. I took from them what I believed held most potential for me, this includes ideas on form generation, line compositions and ethical conditions within us that affect how we perceive the world. It was then for me to interpret and develop these ideas to find my own design method and approach. Working from geometric line patterns, evolving surface details and using a steam bending technique the process delivered 3 objects that I hope challenges viewers perceptions.


Eric Ericsons stiftelses ändamål

Stiftelsens ändamål skall vara att i överensstämmelse med K.F. den 6 juni 1941 om arvsskatt och gåvoskatt § 3, främja ungdoms utbildning genom stipendier till studerande vid Valands Målarskola eller till studerande, som bedriver fortsatta studier efter att ha lämnat ovannämnda skola, eller studerande, som bedriver motsvarande studier i Göteborg eller västra Sverige.

Robert Curran, foto Tina Umer
Jonas Olsson, foto Tina Umer


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